Finances During Divorce

“I’m going to court to sort out finances during divorce”

Step 1

If you have children, apply to the Child Support Agency to calculate how much one parent should pay to the other (called maintenance). Calculate child maintenance via this link. You only need to go to court if there are more financial issues to sort out.


Step 2

Fill in the form for a Financial Order and send it to the court (download here. To find your nearest court, put your postcode in here). If you can decide things beforehand with your ex-partner, draw up an agreement together (called a Consent Order), like this sample here. You can use a solicitor or do it on your own.


Step 3

Go to court on the date you are given for the Final Hearing. The court will then make a decision about the case.


What could happen?



The court could approve your agreement.


The court could help you change your agreement so it is fairer.


The court could make a new order about finances which you both have to stick to.

Approximate cost: £0-4000

Approximate timescale: 4-12 weeks.


More info

It costs £20 to apply to the CSA to help you sort out maintenance payments, and £50 to apply to the court for a consent order. If you use a solicitor, they will cost an additional £350-£1000. A financial order costs £255.You may also have to pay mediation costs (you may be asked to go to mediation by the court before they make a decision). Mediation costs approximately £150 per hour and an average case requires 4-8 hours of mediation.