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Family Mediation Week 2017

Welcome to Family mediation week : 23-27 January 2017

Taking place from 23-27 January 2017, Family Mediation Week aims to raise awareness of mediation and how it can help separating families manage their issues collaboratively and productively.

During the week, we’ll be publishing resources, information and blog posts to…


  • Explain family mediation – answer your questions and debunk the myths
  • Help separating couples decide whether mediation is for them
  • Discuss the benefits of family mediation as a well-respected and legitimate alternative to court
  • Connect separating couples with mediation professionals

Interested in finding out more about mediation? Take a look at our What is family mediation page. 

Would you like to see what’s on in your area during the course of the week? Browse our Events map.

Looking for more information and resources? Visit our Blog for articles, videos and more.